Czy Polska jest skazana na zagładę?

Tekst o takim tytule – “Is Poland Doomed?”, napisany po angielsku, opublikowal dzisiaj [7.06.2021] wicenaczelny “Tygodnika Solidarność” Cezary Krysztopa w portalu {TUTAJ(link is external)}. Co ciekawe, nie znalazłam polskiej wersji tego artykułu ani na stronie “Tygodnika Solidarność” ani na Twitterze. Warto go jednak przeczytać. Krysztopa pisze

First came Donald Trump’s defeat in the US presidential elections, followed by a longer period of lying to ourselves that Polish-American relations are based on common interests and are bipartisan. Then sanctions on Nord Stream 2 were waived, and our delusions have now given way to reality. Now, we have the news that Denmark is intending to suspend the construction of the land section of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline over its territory.
I do not want to fall into fatalist “everything is lost, we’re doomed” tones, as the situation may still develop in different directions, but if it will continue to develop in the way that it has, then Poland is not in a good situation.
Other issues, seemingly unconnected, are taking place simultaneously to the geopolitical movements which melt our energy security concepts.
An example is the attack on the Turów lignite mine (supposedly carried out by the Czechs, but I believe they may be surprised with their own “success”, and I see German hands behind the scenes in this affair).
Another is the impudent kidnapping of a Belarusian oppositionist in Minsk from the Ryanair aircraft which was registered in Poland, as was the kidnapping of a Russian oppositionist from a Polish Airlines LOT plane in St. Petersburg. (…) Some of these issues are connected with each other, while others are simply coincidences. Nevertheless, it is difficult to not feel like the atmosphere is tightening around Poland. It is as if all of this is happening because Joe Biden in Washington wants to reinvigorate the Cold War division (perhaps in fear of China) but in a caricature form. (…)
So where is Poland in all of this?
I believe that the poor geopolitical decision to put all of our geopolitical eggs into the American basket has went to hell, unless something happens that we cannot yet see. Moreover, Poland’s absolute turn to Washington has made it so we have been deprived of any umbrella, and we do not possess any military independence because we are used to relying on American military support.
After six years of Law and Justice (PiS) governing we still do not have an anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system and have not modernized our navy, military helicopters and tanks. Given all the “technical dialogues” and cancelled tenders, I’m afraid that Poland’s time may be running out.”.

Krysztopa wspomina potem o wizycie prezydenta Dudy w Turcji, jako o próbie szukania wyjścia z tego impasu. Inny pomysl zaprezentowal Tomasz Pernak w ostatnim numerze “Warszawskiej Gazety” [nr 23/2021]. Zaproponował:

“Jeśli nie wiemy co robić, kiedy geopolityka nas przerasta, róbmy coś, czego się nikt nie spodziewa. Zadeklarujmy szybką ścieżkę do uzyskania polskiego obywatelstwa tym z obywateli Biało rusi, którzy o to wystapią. Bez fanfaronady drogą jakiegoś rozporzadzenia anonimowego urzednika trzeciej rangi, wspartego potężną akcją propagandową kolejnych anonimów w mediach społecznośściowych, zaprośmy Białorusinów, ponad okopami jajogłowych, do indywidualnego “wstąpienia” do Unii Europejskiej.”.

To dobry pomysł – zwłaszcza z uwagi na nasz kryzys demograficzny.

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